Bobo Bone Dog Toy
Bobo Bone Dog Toy
Bobo Bone Dog Toy
Bobo Bone Dog Toy
Bobo Bone Dog Toy
Bobo Bone Dog Toy

Bobo Bone Dog Toy

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An awesome, interactive dog toy that chucks out yummy treats!

Do you notice that your dog does not do anything most of the time and you feel like your beloved pet is already bored? If you are looking for a toy that will keep your dog enjoying and having fun then the Bobo Bone is what you will want to get for your pet.

Bobo Bone is an interactive dog toy that offers exercise and entertainment for your canine friend. This toy is battery operated so you only need to turn it on and off to use it. What’s more, the toy will automatically go to sleep as your dog does, then wake up when your dog nudges it. The toy is made out of dog-friendly food-grade material. It keeps your dog entertained, alleviating boredom at home or chewing on your furniture.

Use the Bobo Bone, simply insert some dog treats inside the product, turn it on and then place it on the floor. The Bobo Bone makes random movements that are guaranteed to catch your dog's attention, causing your pet to play with the toy. Every now and then, the Bobo Bone releases a dog treat which will encourage your dog to continue playing with the toy. Once your dog gets tired and wants to rest, the Bobo Bone will automatically stop. However, thanks to its motion detection function, the Bobo Bone will also activate by itself should your dog start to play with or move the toy, negating the need for you to manually activate it. Aside from being a fun toy, what's great about the Bobo Bone is that it is quite durable so your pet dog is guaranteed to get many hours' worth of play from the toy.


  • Interactive play both exercises & entertains your dog
  • Battery-operated
  • Automatically goes to sleep when your dog does and wakes up when your dog gives it a nudge
  • Made from dog-friendly,food-grade material
  • Beats doggy boredom
  • Good for Young Dogs

How It Works:
You take a dog treat and fill it into the side of the bone. There is a small dispensing section above which the on / off switch is located. You just press the button to turn on the battery-powered unit then set it down. The ends of the bone function like wheels so they roll the bone around the ground. You can watch as it rolls around along the floor, encouraging your dog to chase it in search of the treat. When the treats come out, you can always stop it and refill it, or let your dog continue without the reward for a while for training purposes. This is a great way to teach them certain skills and obedience lessons at home.

Products Description:

  • Color: yellow
  • Material: Dog safe food-grade plastic
  • Weight: 180g
  • Uses (2) AAA batteries (not included)

Package Include: 

  • 1*Bobo Bone Dog Toy

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